Dr. Sachin Palnitkar

liver donated And lives saved

In a first-of-its-kind procedure in the city, doctors at two different hospitals here conducted a simultaneous split liver transplant successfully to save the lives of two persons suffering from end-stage liver disease. The cadaver donation was conducted with swift coordination between three hospitals, in which a single liver from a deceased brain-dead donor gave a new lease of life to two patients.

This is the first time such a transplant has been performed in the Pune zonal transplant coordination committee (ZTCC) and was dubbed a “fortunate coincidence” by officials involved.

Every organ has a wait list with the ZTCC, under which a super urgent category encompasses patients considered as in emergency situations and given priority as per government criteria.

On Monday, after a 27-year-old male accident victim was declared brain-dead by doctors at Memorial (ABMH) in Chinchwad, his family gave consent for the donation of his organs upon counselling. Thereafter, ABMH,

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