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What is Dyspepsia and what can you do about it

Dyspepsia, sometimes known as indigestion, is a frequent gastrointestinal disease. Dyspepsia can occur at any age, and it affects both men and women equally. What is the cause of dyspepsia? Despite the fact that dyspepsia is fairly frequent, determining the cause might be challenging. Doctors are so...
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Causes of Rectal Bleeding

Cleaning and finding traces of blood can certainly be unnerving. While rectal bleeding can be caused by self-limiting obstacles that will go away on their own it’s also important to recognize when you may need to seek treatment from a qualified best gastroenterologist. Causes of Rectal Bleeding Yo...
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एका यकृतामुळे दोघांना जीवनदान

स्प्लिट लिव्हर ट्रान्सप्लांट‘ म्हणजे काय? देशात अनेक रुग्णांना अवयव प्रत्यारोपणाची गरज आहे. दुसरीकडे अवयवांचा ...
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