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Gastrointestinal Surgery | Conditions & Treatments

Gastrointestinal operation is a method of operating and diagnosis of different GI diseases. This surgery is a treatment of various diseases associated with a different part of the body involved in indigestion. This includes body parts like the stomach, esophagus, small or large intestine, rectum als...
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Consequences of Alcohol Drinking on GI Health of Women

Women are known to have a greater risk as related than men due to drinking alcohol. According to various studies women after drinking gain a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood and become more debilitated as compared to men when both are taking an equivalent concentration of alcohol. Women ...
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What is Diverticulitis ?

One typical gastrointestinal problem that affects adults as they age is diverticulosis. This is when pouches improve within the lining of the colon, or large intestines. These pouches are known as diverticula, and usually, people won’t undergo any symptoms; however, when these pouches become infla...
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