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WHEN DO YOU NEED A LIVER FIBROSCAN     A liver fibroscan is required in case you have the following diseases Recommend For : Fatty Liver Disease Chronic Hepatitis C & B Diabetes Portal Hypertension   A fibro scan is a non-invasive test that evaluates your liver’s health. It ...
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What is Dyspepsia and what can you do about it

Dyspepsia, sometimes known as indigestion, is a frequent gastrointestinal disease. Dyspepsia can occur at any age, and it affects both men and women equally. What is the cause of dyspepsia? Despite the fact that dyspepsia is fairly frequent, determining the cause might be challenging. Doctors are so...
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Love your Liver

Love your Liver   Regular blood sugar levels Controls cholesterol levels Fight infections and illness Remove toxins from the body Looking for Liver Transplantation? Contact Dr. Sachin Palnitkar Gastroenterologist and Liver Specialist in Pune Read More: https://www.drpalnitkarsclinic.com/ Cont...
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Is gastrointestinal bleeding dangerous? When should you see a gastroenterologist?

Gastrointestinal bleeding, often known as GI bleeding, is a serious medical problem that affects a large number of people. Upper gastrointestinal bleeding is so common in the emergency department that doctors see at least one episode every day. People who have GI bleeding are constantly at risk of d...
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